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Large Jumpers

Coss Jumpers has a great variety of large sized jumpers.

The large jumpers are very similar to our medium jumpers but offers more jumping area! 

Our large jumpers measure 15 feet by 15 feet which is great if you are looking for more jumping area. 

(Space required for proper set up is 17 feet by 17 feet)

Looney Tunes Jump.jpg
Cake Jump.jpg
The Incredibles Club Jump.jpg
Disney Frozen Jump.jpg
Cars Club Jump.jpg
Winnie the Pooh Club.jpg
Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Jump.jpg
Cars Jump.jpg
Sesame Street Jump.jpg
Mickey's Fun Factoy Club.jpg
Finding Nemo.jpg
World of Disney Jump.jpg
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 Jump.jpg
Tony Story 3 jump.jpg
Batman Jump.jpg
Disney The Little Mermaid Jump.jpg
Lion King Club Jump.jpg
Disney Tinker Bell Jump.jpg
Disney Princess Club Jump.jpg
Sports 4 in 1 jump.jpg
Wacky Jump.jpg
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