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Jolly Jumper Rental in Ventura with table and chair

Medium Jumpers

We offer a wide variety of medium sized jumpers. If spacing is an issue at your event these units require little space. Our medium jumpers measure 13 feet by 13 feet which is plenty of jumping space for kids of any age and even adults! (Space required for proper set up is 15 feet by 15 feet)

Jolly Jumper Rental in ojai with table and chair

Large Jumpers

Coss Jumpers has a great variety of large sized jumpers. The large jumpers are very similar to our medium jumpers but offer more jumping area! Our large jumpers measure 15 feet by 15 feet which is great if you are looking for more jumping area. (Space required for proper set up is 17 feet by 17 feet)

3in1 Combo Jumpers

Our 3in1 combo jumpers will make your party a big hit! Along with their great design these jumpers offer a large jumping area, climbing and slide. The measurement of these units are 19 feet wide by 21 feet in length. (Space required for proper set up is 21 feet by 23 feet)

4in1 Combo Jumpers

What better way to make your party a big hit than getting one of our 4in1 combo jumpers. With all the jumping area along with a basketball hoop in the corner, climbing and slide will definitely make your party a hit. The measurement of these units are 16 feet wide by 21 feet in length. (Space required for proper set up is 18 feet by 23 feet)

5in1 Combo Jumpers

Jump area, basketball hoop, mini obstacle, climbing and slide is everything our 5in1 combo jumpers have inside. With so much to do inside the kids will sure have a blast. The measurement of these units are 20 feet wide by 20 feet in length. (Space required for proper set up is 22 feet by 22 feet)


Both wet or dry any slide jumper will keep the kids sliding all day long. Renting our water slide is a great way to cool down in the privacy of your home. 

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